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All major brands serviced, Borden Appliance Repair is a company, located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, that offers professional appliance repair servicing Pottstown, Boyertown, Collegeville, Douglassville, Gilbertsville, Green Lane, Royersford, Limerick, Schwenksville, Spring City, Harleysville, Phoenixville, PA and the Surrounding Areas. Our Certified Technicians Repair All Major Brands of Gas and Electric Appliances.

Providing fast, reliable, appliance repair on all Refrigerators, Freezers, Dryers, Washers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Ranges, and Icemakers. Our work is guaranteed from minor repairs to major overhauls with same day-service and competitive pricing. All Upfront  Pricing Before We Start Your Repair Job! No Hidden Charges.

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 April-May 2015


Appliances often show signs of problems long before they stop working. Paying attention to performance and looking for key warning signs will enable you to fix problems right away, improve efficiency and possibly extend the lives of your appliances.


Your dryer is taking longer to dry clothing.

Possible problem: Venting is clogged with lint. In addition to dryer performance, clogging creates a significant fire hazard. Give us a call. We can help! 610-327-1399


 Erratic noises.

Possible problem: A healthy refrigerator will hum; this is how you know a refrigerator’s compressor is working properly. Changes in this noise pattern, especially during startup, may indicate that there is something wrong with the compressor. Give us a call. We can help! 610-327-1399


 Isn’t cleaning dishes well.

Possible problem: The dishwasher may not be receiving enough water. The most common cause is a faulty water inlet valve. Give us a call. We can help! 610-327-1399


Garbage disposer (a.k.a. garbage disposal)

Frequent clogging.

Possible problem: Your disposer’s “blades” may have dulled to a level in which it can no longer perform efficiently. If that’s the situation, it’s often best to simply replace the whole disposer. Remember that garbage disposers cannot properly process fibrous food such as celery and corn husks. Putting such food into your disposer can clog the disposer or the drain line attached to the disposer.

Smelly disposer? Freshen it with biodegradable disposer pellets.