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All major brands serviced, Borden Appliance Repair is a company, located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, that offers professional appliance repair servicing Pottstown, Boyertown, Collegeville, Douglassville, Gilbertsville, Green Lane, Royersford, Limerick, Schwenksville, Spring City, Harleysville, Phoenixville, PA and the Surrounding Areas. Our Certified Technicians Repair All Major Brands of Gas and Electric Appliances.

Providing fast, reliable, appliance repair on all Refrigerators, Freezers, Dryers, Washers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Ranges, and Ice makers. Our work is guaranteed from minor repairs to major overhauls with same day-service and competitive pricing. All Upfront  Pricing Before We Start Your Repair Job! No Hidden Charges.

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Summertime Refrigerator Maintenance

Now that the warm temps are here, it’s a good idea to consider refrigerator and freezer maintenance during the summer. It is the most used of all appliances in your kitchen and it’s the perfect time to show it some love. If your fridge or freezer breaks down it could end up costing you hundreds in lost food. There are some things you can do to keep it running efficiently and to possibly extend the life of your most overlooked appliance.

Set your temperatures- The fresh food side should be at 38 degrees- freezer should be set to 0. If you don’t have a digital display, get a good thermometer. It sounds simple but we get service calls on this one all the time.

Clean it up- Be sure to clean your condenser coils (underneath or behind unit) at least once a year. If you have animals in the house, consider doing this every 3 months. The condenser dissipates heat and clogging it up means more run time on the compressor and a higher electricity bill. Also, run a rag around that door gasket. You could be allowing warm, moist air into your refrigerator if the seal is gunked up.

Keep it full- The more stuff you have in a refrigerator, the easier it is for it to bounce back from frequent door opening. I have known some people whom keep jugs of water in there. It works. I tell my wife this when she complains about all the frosty beverages I have in the beer fridge.

These are all easy steps to keeping a happy refrigerator full of safe food. Remember if there is a power outage- DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. An unopened fridge will stay within safe temps for up to 4 hours and freezers up to 2 days if they are full.

By Jeff Tarczon, June 6th, 2015|Appliance Artisan


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